Education as domain of interdisciplinary refraction and postmodern reaction

  • Ivan Beroš University of Mostar, Faculty of Science and Education
Keywords: educology, interdisciplinarity, pedagogy, postmodernism, synthetic approach


This paper analyzes the monodisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to science through the prism of postmodern pedagogy. Through a brief review of the journey of pedagogy from the predominantly monodisciplinary to dominantly interdisciplinary science, we will try to analyze the impacts that have resulted in synthesis of this two approaches as one of the fundamental determinants of postmodern pedagogy. By comparing the pedagogical approach that is dominant in Europe with the educational approach to pedagogical issues prevalent in the North American context, we will try to point out to their theoretical outcomes and the implications for educational practice and theory. Finally, the analysis presented in this paper is incorporated into the dominant discourse of postmodernism so that pedagogy can be situated within the framework of contemporary social sciences.

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