Freedom as a motive in the renaissance and baroque plays of Dubrovnik

  • Jelena Raca University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Philology
Keywords: freedom, Dubrovnik, Mavro Vetranović, Antun Sasin, Dživo Gundulić, Džono Palmotić


The concept of freedom is one of the dominant phenomena, which marked the old Dubrovnik. Its importance was also reflected in literature. Namely, in the very beginnings of the Renaissance literature, with the first appearances of drama, the influence and pervasiveness of freedom was felt. By suppressing other areas occupied by someone else’s government, freedom gained even more importance. Through pastoral and then famous Palmotic’s melodramas, “libertas” is much more represented. Thus the verses are imbued with the direct apotheosis and glorification of independence, with the expression of patriotic feelings. Comparing these two literary epochs, it is interesting to follow how independence is shaped, experienced and celebrated, especially through a mixture of different dramatic types. Therefore, the main aim of this paper is to prove and illuminate as much as possible the freedom which essentially represented the entire Dubrovnik Republic.

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Raca, J. (2020). Freedom as a motive in the renaissance and baroque plays of Dubrovnik. Noema: Journal for Humanities and Social Thought, 5(8), 59-74.