Consumer Behavior

  • Slađana Vuković University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Economy
Keywords: consumer, consumer behavior, consumer information, market research, consumer behavior research


The purpose of this paper is to try to draw readers’ awareness of consumer behavior and the necessity of researching and collecting information on consumers, in order to understand their behavior. Consumer information, i.e. the results of consumer behavior research (final consumers and organizations) is the key factor of marketing research (baseline) and it is an important element in marketing strategy planning. Understanding consumers and their behavior is an extremely difficult task. The study of consumer behavior as a separate marketing discipline began when sellers realized that consumers do not behave and do not always respond in accordance with the assumptions of marketing theory. Understanding consumers implies the knowledge of theoretical concepts related to the behavior of people as individuals and / or society. Consumer behavior, which changes and develops over time as consumers create new attitudes, preferences and opinions about the same products, implies people’s activities when choosing, buying, using, and evaluating products and services to meet their needs and desires. Consumer behaviour also includes post-sale processes that involve evaluation and post-purchase behavior. Human beings with their flaws and virtues, their both innate and acquired characteristics, along with a large number of other factors that influence their behavior, still present a big mystery to researchers and practitioners.

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