Globalisation of sport: role of World War I

  • Aleksandar Pajkić Dorian Sports and Recreation Centre, Banja Luka


The establishment of international sports federations, which began at the end of the 19th century, conditioned the creation and harmonization of unique international rules of a certain sport, organization of European and world competitions and further development and expansion of sports in the world, which has gradually led to globalization of sports. The reestablishment of the Olympic Games in 1896 contributed to the development of organized sport in many countries of the world. The Olympic Games in Berlin were suspended due to World War I. Although the war led to stagnation in organized sport, as in most other areas, the question arises as to whether sport contacts between nations during the war contributed in a certain way to the expansion of sport and its further globalization after the war?

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Pajkić, A. (2018). Globalisation of sport: role of World War I. Noema: Journal for Humanities and Social Thought, 4(6), 29-40.